Vegas, Being Awesome, & A New Recipe

Sup bros?! I’ve missed you all! Life is flipping awesome and I have some really delicious news to share with you.


Say what? If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I already mentioned it, but I’m headed to VEGAS in a couple weeks to work with About Time during the Olympia Expo. I’ve always wanted to attend the Olympia, and now I get to work there, too?! I am living my bucket list. (That IS the point of a bucket list, amIright?!)

Naturally Fit - Corrie Olympia Promo

If you have no idea who Mr. Olympia is, or maybe it sounds like I’m speaking a different language, you gotta check it out HERE!


As always, readers, if you are attending the Olympia, PLEASE COME SAY HELLO! And take a picture with me! I always love meeting you guys. About Time is at booth #1785 and I will be there all day, both days (Friday and Saturday; September 19 & 20th).  You will probably recognize my huge smile, very loud voice, and probably the headstand. #easytospot

Naturally Fit - Corrie Olympia Promo2


Mixed feelings about turning 28, mainly because I think I get more gray hairs every single frickin’ day. However, I feel like I’m getting more awesome with age. Does anyone else feel like that? Or is that incredibly narcissistic? I also seem to care less about other’s opinions as I get older, soooo if that IS narcissistic… then sorry I’m not sorry. Back to my birthday, I get to celebrate in Vegas, and that is super.



photo-4I adapted this off a recipe I got from my About Time girl Jessica B, and it takes about 5 minutes! Mix together:

  • 2 cups oats
  • 2 scoops About Time whey protein (I used chocolate, but chocolate coconut would be LEGIT)
  • 1/2 c peanut butter
  • 1/4 c honey
  • 1/2 c unsweetened shredded coconut

Mix everything in a big mixing bowl. Use a little almond milk to moisten if you need to. Place mixture into a sprayed glass baking dish and freeze for one hour. Cut up into 12 squares. Then tell Jessica she’s awesome.

Macros: Protein – 23g / Carbs – 25g / Fat – 9.5g / Fiber – 3g


More to come this week with a new workout playlist and how I’m getting ready for the Olympia – (as far as diet and training). Have an awesome week!

Moonlighting ‘Round the Web

Have you checked out the About Time site lately? Pretty sweet to find my face on there!


Check out the latest and greatest products. We have Chocolate Coconut whey for a limited time! Use my code CORRITRON at check out for 25% off. Happy supp shopping!

My Shoot with Emagen Photography

Ummmm … excuse me? How is the first half of the year already gone?

This year is flying by! In the midst of starting not one, but TWO new jobs, I haven’t really modeled in close to one year. Oops :) I shot with beautiful Gabby of Emagen Photography a few weeks ago and her boyfriend Steve assisted. I met Steve at the gym awhile back, and when he brought Gabby in to meet me, I knew we would be fast friends. She’s great. It was fun to coach her, and fun to shoot with her in her element. She is local to Palm Beach County and does all kinds of weddings, commercial shoots, etc.

Here are a few shots I really love. I’ll add some more to my gallery this week. Which is your fave?

CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-9 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-26 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-12 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-6 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-18 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-10 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-25 CE_Fit_Web_Retouched-13Lastly… if you haven’t subscribed via email, you can do so on the right hand side of my page. And please join me on InstaGram and Twitter at aStoryofCorrie!