Arnold Expo and My Muscle & Fitness Ad

This month I flew up to Columbus, Ohio to go to the 2015 Arnold!

I have to say… it was WEIRD going up as more of a spectator than someone actually working at the expo. About Time didn’t have a booth this year (#sadness), but I still wanted to get up there and see all my fit frans.

Because I wasn’t working at a booth, I did get to walk around the expo. It. Is. Crowded. And when I say crowded, I mean you are PACKED in five people across and it takes 10 minutes just to move 50 feet. It makes the back of my knees feel sweaty just thinking about it. I hate crowds like that!

Here are some of my buds from MRI/ProLab –


We had a very interesting Friday night dinner that consisted of the men feeding each other cake…

IMG_0388Got to see my friends Robin and Dan, who were both working with Promera … I ended up going to dinner with the Promera team on Saturday night and they are such fun, amazing people!




Here’s Nick from 360 CUT – where I ate an omelette the size of my face.

IMG_0407And Korbie from Body Fortress, who I had the pleasure of sharing a cab with last Arnold and we have been expo buddies ever since… 



IMG_0368What I look like in 19 degrees… just. cold. just so cold.

IMG_0359Perhaps my favorite part of my whole trip was meeting up with some of my girlfriends from Facebook – some of which I have known for years now but never met in person! Steph, Abby, LaTasha, Tobi, Chels, Kels, Miranda…. sooo many! Although I can’t seem to find any of our thousand photos we took …

IMG_0402I also got to see my buds Sarah, Elissa (duhhh), and Luke (100% of our friendship is traveling) –

IMG_0363All in all, it was really fun! Not sure I’d ever go again as strictly a spectator … I honestly enjoy working an expo more than I do attending – but it was nice to enjoy the cold for a few days and see everyone.

IN OTHER NEWS – I got my first Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine ad this month! Check check check check check it out – (for the record, I AM WEARING SHORTS). I was just on my way to the beach…

IMG_0326Pretty neat! Let me know if you get a chance to see it!





I Have a Secret…

15-GOLD-COASTI have a little secret… for the past month or so…

I’ve been prepping for a show!

I kept it under wraps (for the most part) because I wanted to make sure I was actually committed to doing the show – I haven’t competed since 2012) – and I wanted to make sure my body would respond with a new coach and new coaching methods.

Is it working?

Huge yes. In fact, someone recently accused me of starting a cycle of roids (ROFL) – for the record, no, and never – and I am getting comments each week about how much my body is changing, so I guess I can’t hide it much longer.

Uh – why?
I haven’t given a thought to competing or had a desire to do so in a LONG time. But the more I’ve experimented with IIFYM (see below for more details), I wanted to see what I could do with it under a coach. Then, Fitness America came out with a show in my very own COUNTY. Fitness America is an all-natural, drug-free organization and I really enjoyed my experience with it in the past (READ HERE). So as of right now, seems like a great match.

This is really exciting to me because my coach, Mike Pucci, uses the MACRO method to train all his clients. I am a huge fan of IIFYM, mainly because I get really bored on strict meal plans, and I honestly don’t like to plan out all of my food for the whole entire day. I like to mix it up. (You can read more about how I’m been using this method to increase my calories for almost a year now HERE.)

Many competition plans are based on very strict meal plans using 100% super squeaky clean food. Those do work – they do the job that they’re intended. However, I like more flexibility, sustainability, and I don’t want to eat the same things every single day. Also, I like pita chips.

This is about 12 weeks out for both bikini and model at Fitness America –


Right now I am eating 250g of carbs a day and slowly dropping weight! Whatttt. Life is pretty good and I am REALLY enjoying this method. Nothing is off limits for me, as long as it “fits” into my numbers for the day. I eat lots of lean protein, veggies, fruit, starches, some dairy, and I manage to fit in some pizza, chocolate, and cookies too.

As far as my training, currently my coach has me doing a mix of powerlifting + bodybuilding and it is FUN. I’m getting strong as a beast training this way. I’m also not doing any type of cardio right now in order to gain/preserve muscle. I’m sure that dream won’t last forever, but I’ll take it for now!

I’m really glad I chose him and I can’t wait to see what else my body can do over the next few months.

Recently I even heard a rumor that my show could get canceled … and if it does…who cares… this prep is still fun!

Enjoyable competition prep? Welcome to 2015!

So who’s coming to watch my show on Saturday, April 18th in Delray Beach? Have you ever attended a Fitness America show?

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How To Make A New Year’s Resolution That Doesn’t Suck

IMG_4809Just a couple more days until the start of 2015.

So. Much. Pressure! Right?! What are you going to do better in 2015? What will you accomplish? What habit will you develop? What habit will you eliminate? How much money will you save? How many pounds will you lose?

There’s absolutely valid reasons why resolutions rarely stick past the third week in January. Most New Year’s Resolutions totally suck.

Let’s note that I am NOT anti-resolution. But I do think we could all use a better perspective on these so-called “resolutions”. I believe it all starts with the mindset.

Begin by reframing your resolution as an ANNUAL GOAL.
A g-o-a-l. Not a resolution. Think about your job. You don’t just “resolve” to do something your boss asks you to, and leave it at that, do you? Your management team doesn’t sit down and let you consider accomplishing your annual goals. They are goals! They are much more concrete than a wishy-washy, hopeful, kinda-sorta-maybe resolution. Eliminate that weak word and call it a goal. There’s infinite more power and strength behind your goal already!

Write your resolution, I MEAN YOUR GOAL, down.
Write it down. Write it down. Write your flipping goal down. There’s incredible amounts of research that show people that write goals down are FAR more likely to accomplish them. Do it. You’re building accountability in yourself and again, building power and strength behind your goal.

Speak words of affirmation.
On that note, speak positively about your goal(s)! There is so much power in the tongue. Speak positively about meeting your goal and show compassion to yourself. Don’t say phrases like “it’s gonna be so hard to lose these last ten pounds because of menopause,” instead, try “I am absolutely up for the challenge of losing these last ten pounds!” or “No matter how hard it is, I am 100% capable of accomplishing my goal of losing ten pounds.”

Words of affirmation have so much power. When I recall the times in my life when someone told me that “I BELIEVE IN YOU”, I cherished those words and they inspired me so much. I would recall them when times got tough, and EVEN TO THIS DAY, when I receive a really good encouraging word (via social media or elsewhere), I take a screenshot with my phone or write it down.

We can be our own worst enemy or our biggest driver to excellence. It’s time to believe in yourself and achieve your New Year’s annual goals. You can do this. You can.

What are your 2015 goals?