How To Make A New Year’s Resolution That Doesn’t Suck

IMG_4809Just a couple more days until the start of 2015.

So. Much. Pressure! Right?! What are you going to do better in 2015? What will you accomplish? What habit will you develop? What habit will you eliminate? How much money will you save? How many pounds will you lose?

There’s absolutely valid reasons why resolutions rarely stick past the third week in January. Most New Year’s Resolutions totally suck.

Let’s note that I am NOT anti-resolution. But I do think we could all use a better perspective on these so-called “resolutions”. I believe it all starts with the mindset.

Begin by reframing your resolution as an ANNUAL GOAL.
A g-o-a-l. Not a resolution. Think about your job. You don’t just “resolve” to do something your boss asks you to, and leave it at that, do you? Your management team doesn’t sit down and let you consider accomplishing your annual goals. They are goals! They are much more concrete than a wishy-washy, hopeful, kinda-sorta-maybe resolution. Eliminate that weak word and call it a goal. There’s infinite more power and strength behind your goal already!

Write your resolution, I MEAN YOUR GOAL, down.
Write it down. Write it down. Write your flipping goal down. There’s incredible amounts of research that show people that write goals down are FAR more likely to accomplish them. Do it. You’re building accountability in yourself and again, building power and strength behind your goal.

Speak words of affirmation.
On that note, speak positively about your goal(s)! There is so much power in the tongue. Speak positively about meeting your goal and show compassion to yourself. Don’t say phrases like “it’s gonna be so hard to lose these last ten pounds because of menopause,” instead, try “I am absolutely up for the challenge of losing these last ten pounds!” or “No matter how hard it is, I am 100% capable of accomplishing my goal of losing ten pounds.”

Words of affirmation have so much power. When I recall the times in my life when someone told me that “I BELIEVE IN YOU”, I cherished those words and they inspired me so much. I would recall them when times got tough, and EVEN TO THIS DAY, when I receive a really good encouraging word (via social media or elsewhere), I take a screenshot with my phone or write it down.

We can be our own worst enemy or our biggest driver to excellence. It’s time to believe in yourself and achieve your New Year’s annual goals. You can do this. You can.

What are your 2015 goals? 

A Few Favorite Fit Girl Things…

I love trying new fitness and nutrition tools – and I realize I don’t always write about them. So, due to popular demand (i.e. friend nagging), here are a few of my most recent tools to stay healthy! This list can even double as a gift guide for the holidays.

Fresh Meal Plan

Have you ever gotten so sick of your food that you just couldn’t even smell it anymore? Or gotten so sick of cooking that the sight of the oven made you want to slam your face in the door of it?

IMG_9049Oh, just me? That’s cool. Last month I got REALLY bored of food, tired of cooking, tired of eating, really (gains) – so I have been using a meal service the past few weeks and really enjoying it!

I basically just took part of my food budget and allotted it towards meals. You can choose your meals, choose your delivery time (mine deliver in the middle of the night in a cooler left outside my door), and you can keep track of the macros. It’s great and comparable to what you would spend at the grocery cooking (and HUGE bonus of NOT COOKING!)

Here’s a picture of a meal we got last week. Steak, plantains and green beans. So. Many. Feels.

Check them out! My service is called Fresh Meal Plan. I don’t get 100% of my food from them – just a couple meals per day (I usually eat 4 or 5x a day) – I always make my own breakfast, a few snacks, etc. And I don’t plan on doing this forever – I just needed a cooking break and some fresh ideas.

FMP is local to southeast Florida, the Orlando area, and New York. If that’s not where you live, google meal delivery services – it’s becoming quite popular. Just make sure you can choose what you’re getting AND get one where the macros are available, of course! If you sign up, make sure you tell them I sent ya!

Grid Foam Roller

Also currently in sweet sweet love with my new Grid foam roller from Trigger Point Therapy – thank you guys so much for sending me one out of the goodness of your foam-filled hearts!

The Grid has a variety of widths around it, which is probably the biggest difference between using a standard foam or PVC pipe (same pressure all around). If you are active and you are not foam rolling yet, you need to start!  I use it every single day as part of my warmup and it is FANTASTIC for recovery. Check out the Grid HERE.


Bolder Bands

Always on the lookout for great headbands that DON’T FALL OFF – Bolder Bands are awesome! Just got two and I like them a LOT. They are stretchy and stay on your head. I did find that the solid red one I got does show sweat – so I will stick with dark colors or patterns next time around.

About Time

My other favorite headband is made by About Time and it stays put! Currently offered in grey. Everything from About Time makes a great gift… haha. We now have bundles of product ready to go, like a Fuel pack and Recovery pack! Use my discount CORRITRON for 25% off any apparel or product!

Here are the two Bolder Bands I ordered – and there are many more on my Christmas list!


Any or all of these would make great gifts for the meatheads in your life. Bolder Band even makes bro-bands…. JUST SAYIN. Check out my earlier blog on some nutrition tools and tricks HERE.

Have you ever tried any of the above listed fitness items? If so, how did you like them? 

I TOLD You to Relax!

Photo Credit: Micah Kvidt

Photo Credit: Micah Kvidt

Deep breathing. Yoga. More sleep. Less stress. Slow down. Calm down. HOW DO I RELAX?!

In a world that values overstimulation, relaxation can be hard to come by. If you’ve ever tried a traditional meditation, it takes about 10 seconds before your mind is doing backflips, your eyelids fly open, the phone is buzzing, and you can’t even remember why you tried this in the first place.

But how much BETTER are you when you’re relaxed? Athletes know this all too well, as performance improves as an athlete relaxes.

Read the rest of this blog post that I wrote for About Time HERE