Oxygen Magazine

Last weekend my friends started texting me photos of their December Oxygen magazines they were getting the mail. I am a subscriber, too, but mine hadn’t arrived yet. It finally came!

What an honor to be in my FAVORITE magazine! Love it! Also… how cute are my niece and nephew when they discovered me in their mama’s magazine???! Adorable.

Thank you About Time for featuring me and to Tracey Benson Photography for the great photo!

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Why Hello.

IMG_4685Hey oh! Lots of new visitors to the blog lately, so WELCOME! I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you did. Shout out to my new readers in Canada (so many of you!), Brazil, Germany, Australia, Ireland, S. Africa and Romania, too!

My name is Corrie, I live in South Florida, and I am in my (late) twenties. Yes, using “late” as a preposition to describe your age is horrible and I immediately regret it.

I LOVE fitness, handstands, playing outside, and Jesus. And people. And life. And playing frisbee. Ask any poor man I’ve ever dated, as he surely was subjected to hours of frisbee play on the beach. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I moonlight as CorriTron (my workout alter-ego) and aStoryofCorrie on social media. I work at a nonprofit in marketing/PR for my big-girl job, and I am also a fitness model part-time. You can read more about me HERE and HERE.

IT IS NOT MY GOAL TO BE A SEX SYMBOL. There’s plenty of sex, narcissism, and disordered living in the fitness industry already. I seek to inspire and help others and be just a small ray of light in the darkness. I love fitness, and it’s a passion that God uses in my life to serve others over and over again. It might not be your calling. That’s okay. But it’s part of mine, and I would love to have you along in my journey!

If you haven’t been here long, I did a short list of the top blog posts below. I also just updated the blog ARCHIVE on my site, as well as my GALLERY – you can catch up on anything you missed.

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That One Time I Was In A Magazine

…or three!!!!

So excited to share with you that I’m IN A MAGAZINE! Here’s the About Time ad:

I knew I would be featured in two magazines (Natural Health Magazine and Vegetarian Times) in November, but I wasn’t sure when those issues would actually be on shelves.

Stopped into Barnes & Noble on Monday, and I found myself! Opened right up to find it, and promptly squealed out loud.

IMG_8763THEN I found out that I will also be in Oxygen Magazine in December! Even cooler!

It may not seem like a big deal, but since I started strength training at age 22, I set a goal to be in a magazine. Printed magazines won’t be around forever. That was my goal, and I was rejected time and time again when submitting photos. For years! And I’ve modeled in digital ads, I’ve been on a postcard, on posters up at Gold’s Gym… BUT COULDN’T GET A MAGAZINE! And now I can cross that off my bucket list. Feels really good six years later!

I know those magazines are available at B&N, Whole Foods, Greenwise… not sure where else. But I am REALLY enjoying the selfless I keep getting of friends and family with the ad! Send them to me or tag me on Instagram or Facebook – I’m saving them all! Thank you for being excited for me! xoxo